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The Safe House In Warsaw May Keep Zombies At Bay [VIDEO]

Want to survive the zombie apocalypse? Then you might want to get your hands on the “Safe House” in Warsaw, Poland. Unfortunately, the home has already been purchased.

The “Safe House,” built by Polish architectural firm KWK Promes, was constructed with security in mind. While the home is designed to protect against human invaders, some believe the house is also zombie-proof and the abode would be ideal for riding out the zombie apocalypse.

The Warsaw-area home, which has a variety of movable elements to keep out intruders, was built by architect Robert Konieczny in collaboration with Lukasz Zadrzynski and Marcin Jojko.

The 6,092-square-foot Safe House was constructed for a private buyer. The home was designed in 2004 through 2005, and construction took five years, ending in 2009.

“The house is situated in a small village at the outskirts of Warsaw,” the KWK Promes website states. “The surroundings are dominated with usual ‘Polish cubes’ from the sixties and old wooden barns.”

“The clients’ top priority was to gain the feeling of maximum security in their future house, which determined the building’s outlook and performance,” the firm wrote. “When the house opens up to the garden, eastern and western side wall move towards the exterior fence creating a courtyard.”

The home comes with a number of features that make it a good option if you’re trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. The house’s walls close into themselves at night, protecting the occupants from intruders. The home also has shutters that can close. With these features, the home resembles a giant gray block at night, with no indications that people are inside.

KWK Promes further explained the security features that incorporate the home’s garden and a gate.

“After crossing the gate one has to wait in this safety zone before being let inside the house. In the same time, there is no risk of children escaping to the street area in an uncontrolled way while playing in the garden,” the firm said.

While the home was not designed with the zombie apocalypse in mind, Internet users said they can see how the home would be the ideal setting for surviving zombies.

The photography and design website All That Is Interesting dubbed The Safe House “the first zombie-proof house” in 2011.

“'The Safe House,’ designed by KWK Promes, starts to get eerily close to something I could work with, if say 200 bludgeoned members of the undead army came over to eat their way into borrowing some sugar,” the website said.

A video of the home’s features, which can be viewed above, was posted in 2011. The video has nearly 160,000 YouTube hits and more than 550 users like the clip.

“When the zombie apocalypse happens I want to be in this house,” YouTube user elcamino01 wrote.
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I thought REC was a good Zombie movie. Filmed from the point of view of a TV news cameraman, Pablo, who follows around Angela, the news reporter, as she documents the night-shift life of firemen at the local metropolitan fire department in Spain. A crew is called out for a routine emergency at an apartment building in order to deal with what seems like a seriously ill woman locked in her apartment. After they get there, they are joined by some police officers, and it soon becomes clear that things are much worse than they anticipated when one of the them is attacked by the old woman.
The whole gang, and the residents within, are locked inside by other police and the military, and told that there is a highly dangerous, contagious, virus in the building, infecting people through saliva. All the while, this is documented by the ever recording camera man, and as things go from bad to undead, we see it all firsthand.
Normally I try to watch originals before watching remakes, but this time I watched Quarantine first, and I can saw that REC was much better. The look and feel of the flick was very believable, meaning it really had the feel of people naturally doing their thing – it din’t appear scripted at all. I think the filmmakers did a good job.
This Blair Witch Project meets the Undead Zombies of Spain flick is a great ride and very suspenseful, and better than the instant U.S. remake Quarantine.
I have pondered the lesson to be learned from the film, as I do from time to time – lessons that can better prepare me for the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Here I have learned several. First: If you discover that you are trapped in a building with no way of escape and there are Infected Zombies inside, you’re screwed. Second: Use the camera as an opportunity to record your last will and testament. That may save your heirs the headache of probate. Although there is the added difficulty that in the event that you escape, they may not consider you dead and therefor you will still be a property owning Zombie. More on that at another time.
So, good flick. Plausible and believable acting. Good, original story.

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Evil Dead II

“I’ll swallow your soul! I’ll swallow your soul! I’ll swallow your soul!” “Swallow this!” say’s everybody’s favorite Zombie/demon killing comedian, Ash, as he aims his shotgun at Henrietta’s face. What a way to end a relationship.
Bruce Campbell does it again in this sequel to Evil Dead. After the blood-bath of Evil Dead, Ash is still in the cabin when “help” arrives in the form of the professor’s daughter and a few other people. Soon the evil forces of the Necronomicon are at it again. Ash must fight the Deadites by any mean necessary, including his “Boomstick.”
The Evil Dead series is still one of my favorite set of horror films. The one liners, the action, everything is funny as hell, and scary too. The effects are on par with the original Evil Dead. This is a great movie.
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“Night of the Living Dead” is the 1990 remake of George Romero’s 1968 classic of the same name. With more money and better technology, the film follows the same storyline as the original, with some minor changes, and this time starring Patricia Tallman as Barbara, and Tony Todd as the strong and heroic Ben.
Once Ben arrives at the farmhouse and barricades himself and Barbara in from the living dead, Barbara is right next to him, rifle in hand. Soon accompanied by Harry Cooper (professional jerk), his wife, their kid, and Tom and Judy, the young couple, the group defends themselves through the night from the undead.
Obviously, as in the original, things get chaotic, but this time around the suspense is tuned up a notch. Chock full of 80s sounding horror music, the NOTLD is a must see for the Zombie enthusiast.
In my quest to learn lessons for the upcoming Zombie invasion, I have discovered many things in this movie. Always keep lots of nails and a hammer in the home (I would suggest also having screws and a screwdriver as the hold can be stronger), don’t trust people from the cellar, and always, ALWAYS, keep the keys to your gas pump where they can easily be found. But the most important lesson is: always keep a crowd of local rednecks nearby.

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Day of the Dead

Zombies rule the USA, except for a small group of scientists and military personnel who reside in an underground bunker in Florida. The scientists are using the undead in gruesome experiments; much to the chagrin of the military. Finally the military finds that their men have been used in the scientists’ experiments, and banish the scientists to the caves that house the Living Dead. Soon, Zombies do what Zombies do best.
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Zombieland is one of the best Zombie movies I’ve seen. Chock full of fun, sadness, comedy, and good old fashioned Zombie gore, it is a well rounded movie that pits four survivors against themselves, each other, and, of course, the Zombie masses.
Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenburg, meets up with Tallahassee, played by Woody Harrelson, on a journey to the East Cost, in the hopes of finding something, anything, other than “Zombieland” and the world of Zombies is called. Along the way they encounter Wichita and Little Rock, played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin respectively. Together they fight their inner demons and learn that in Zombieland, rule #32 is “Enjoy the Small Things in Life.”
Columbus’s rules to survive Zombieland (at least those that were mentioned) are as follows:
Rule#1 Cardio
Rule#2 Beware of Bathrooms
Rule#3 Wear Seat-Belts
Rule#4 Double-Tap
Rule#7 Travel Lightly
Rule#17 Don’t Be a Hero
Rule#18 Limber Up
Rule#22 When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out
Rule#31 Check the Back Seat
Rule#32 Enjoy the Small Things in Life
Well acted and entertaining, this is a must see movie for the Zombie enthusiast.
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Night of the Living Dead

To say this movie is a classic is an understatement.  Chaos descends upon the world, in George A. Romero’s pivotal first movie, as the brains of the recently deceased become reanimated, causing the dead to rise and feed on human flesh. Speculation rests on a radiation-covered NASA satellite returning from Venus, but it only remains a speculation.  The only way to destroy the zombies is to destroy the brain.
As the catastrophe unfolds, a young woman visiting her father’s grave takes refuge in a nearby farmhouse, where she is met by a man who protects her and barricades them inside. They both later discover people hiding in the basement, and they each attempt to cope with the situation. Their only hope rests on getting some gasoline from a nearby pump into a truck that is running on empty, but this requires braving the hordes of ravenous walking corpses outside. When they finally put their plans into action, panic and personal tensions only add to the terror as they try to survive.

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