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One of the most annoying situations for both motorists and tellers in drive thru banking today, is determining which teller lane is open. Is the teller open or just the ATM or both? We can help! We have created literally thousands of messages to inform and direct motorists without confusion. Especially in the late hours of the day, you want to keep the traffic flowing. Whether you are displaying company hour status or drive thru lanes, OPEN CLOSED signs are a part of our daily life. Think about the first thing you do, without realizing it, when you are approaching a business or drive thru teller lane, you look for these famous words in order to make your next move. Display your status with our proven, highly visible signage systems.

Our illuminated Traffic Controllers inform, maintain and facilitate efficient traffic flow in and around areas of congestion. Designed to speed customer service and eliminate confusion by directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Our illuminated signs are successfully used by banks, parking industry, car washes, airports, hospitals, industrial operations, highway toll lanes, and many more. Our illuminated Directional Signals are highly visible, readable in direct sunlight, and are designed to accommodate an array of mounting positions.

The LED signs are low voltage units making it very cost effective by reducing power consumption. LED signs also provide exceptional life characteristics with an estimated 100,000 hours of continuous use. The LED's used in these units have a wide viewing angle unlike traditional LED and fiber optics units allowing approaching traffic to see its illuminated status from any angle. The components are housed in a 2.5" wide extruded aluminum cabinet with hinged back panel and duranodic bronze finish.

We have the ability to offer custom LED signs and custom neon signs, without the custom price and long lead times. Until recently, the light output from a LED was too low to be considered for practical uses such as replacing the ubiquitous incandescent bulb. These low cost, energy efficient devices have tremendous potential. LED's are solid-state devices with no moving parts and by producing little heat and being energy efficient, our current LED sign designs are at least five times more efficient than their incandescent counterparts.

Utilizing state of the art software and a computerized board routing system, we can design and rout custom LED circuit boards creating a sign message to your specifications. This allows us to offer low production runs at a savings to you. Now whatever message you desire it can be illuminated in a pleasing and energy conscious manner. No more settling for off the shelf LED signs with low visibility.

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